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What is BlueChilli?

Digital Agency

Imagine all the resources you need to grow your business at your fingertips, all under the same roof. BlueChilli has an integrated product team with all the branding, design, user experience, engineering, marketing and business experts in-house.

We build startups on a proven technology platform of our own design, so our team has become very efficient at building scalable online businesses.

We lend you a product team who work with you to build your prototype and minimum viable product (MVP). Once you raise capital we help you recruit your own product team and support you in onboarding them.


BlueChilli has created a unique working environment for new businesses to grow.

In a BlueChilli incubator you will be joined by like-minded entrepreneurs, be supported by BlueChilli mentors and have access to your own development staff who will build your business with you.

The BlueChilli incubator is more than just a desk. We help you focus on building your business with office support services, as well as concessional rates on book-keeping, accounting, legal, growth hacking and public relations.

Regular in-house events include training, networking and pitch practice to support your startup founder journey.


Even experienced business leaders find that building a tech startup is not like any other kind of business venture. There are new skills to practice, processes to implement and key principles to learn.

BlueChilli's 156 Accelerator program is designed to teach you how to operate and grow your own online startup. In the process of incubating more than 40 of our own startups we've developed a proven 156 step process which takes founders through all the essential steps to establishing a startup company in the most efficient way. Workshops, online training, mentoring and peer support supplement the program.

Successful graduates of the 156 Accelerator program may be eligible for venture capital funding through the BlueChilli Venture Fund.

Venture Capital

The BlueChilli Venture Fund (BCVF) is an Australian ESVCLP vehicle which co-invests at the angel capital round in BlueChilli startups which have successfully completed the BlueChilli Accelerator program (subject to investment committee review).

In addition, the BlueChilli team will work with you to assist you in raising capital through our broad network of investors.

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BlueChilli's focus on the science behind the minimum viable product (MVP) approach saves a lot of time and money
BlueChilli is the 7th fastest growing tech company in Asia Pac

Three Phase
Development Process

Our 156 accelerator program is structured with three distinct phases: development, growth and scale. Each phase has a single objective and a number of accelerator tasks to check off in order to proceed in to the next phase, ensuring you’re focused on what’s important in your business at each stage.

156 accelerator program

What is BlueChilli?

BlueChilli was founded by serial entrepreneur Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin in Sydney, Australia in 2012.

BlueChilli is a place for entrepreneurs to build global businesses within a systematic, process-driven framework.

BlueChilli increases the chance of success and reduces risk by applying the technology IP and team experience from each startup's journey to the challenges of the next startup we create.

Every BlueChilli startup has an integrated product team, is run through a structured accelerator program, leverages a global community of incubated startups and hands-on mentors, and is backed by angel investors and venture capital funding.

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156 steps of awesome

We’ve identified a critical path to success — a series of steps that will equip you and your startup business with the skills and resources you need to succeed. That’s why we call our founder accelerator program “The 156″ (can you guess how many steps there are?)  Join our dedicated mentor team as they guide you through The 156, a self-paced founder education program with weekly tasks, reading, experiments and collaboration.

The BlueChilli model

Digital Agency

BlueChilli has an integrated digital agency with all the branding, design, user experience, engineering and business experts in house who build every BlueChilli startup on a proven platform “ChilliSource”


BlueChilli has a proven 156 step accelerator program which takes founders through a risk mitigated procedural approach to ensuring all facets of a startup company are covered and achieved in rapid time.


We have incubator spaces in Sydney, Melbourne and San Francisco which provide a unique environment for our startup founders to collaborate, learn and build their businesses.

Venture Capital

The BlueChilli Venture Fund (BCVF) is an Australian ESVCLP vehicle which co-invests in successful BlueChilli startups at the angel capital round.

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